Too Cold To Bleed – released into the wild!



2018 is a big year for releases in our household! First comes the book, and secondly the baba.

I figured it best to get the book finished, out, and screaming into the world, before baba does, and so I am delighted that today 18 months of hard work culminates with the publication of Book 2 in The Red Season Series, Too Cold To Bleed.

If you fancy picking a copy up, and spoiling all this fine summer weather with an oppressively cold setting, then you can pick up a copy here:

Too Cold To Bleed (

Too Cold To Bleed (

Books Books Books

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes in to writing any book. TCTB was no exception. From October 2016, until March 2018, the vast majority of my time away from my day job was focused on writing this book. So to all my friends and family, when you were talking to me, and it looked like I wasn’t fully engaged, I was probably hearing circus music and wandering about a snowy, hell-hole in my mind. Yeah. Sorry about that.

All joking aside, writing is a fairly solitary, selfish pursuit, and it would be remiss of me today not to extend a special and heartfelt thanks to my family and friends for their encouragement and support. I may have missed out on certain events over the last year and a half, or perhaps not been in contact as much – for that, you have my apologies and my thanks! The greatest of thanks must go to my wife, who has only ever given me her most earnest support – she is an absolute hero.

Lastly, I want to thank the awesome team of professionals who have helped mould TCTB into (what I hope) is a stronger book than Red Season Rising. John Anthony Di Giovanni, Shawn T. King, and Laura M. Hughes (Cover Art; Cover Design; Editing respectively) – you three have been incredible.

If you haven’t already picked up Book 1, Red Season Rising, then you’re lucky (not because you haven’t had to subject your eyes to it), rather, today Red Season Rising is on sale for 99p/c!

Red Season Rising (

Red Season Rising (


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